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Beauty Lies Within


At Beauty Lies Within they provide a relaxing atmosphere while giving exceptional treatments and service.

They provide both holistic and traditional techniques that enhance the appearance and general well-being of their clients, providing a wide range of treatments to suit everyone:

IPL Hair Removal At Last an IPL Machine that Permanently Removes Blonde, White, Grey & Red Hair! ! Beauty Lies Within offer only the best with the ADeNA medical grade IPL Machine that can treat ALL hair colours.

Skin Rejuvenation “Love the skin you're in” with the ADeNA IPL Machine that specialises in rejuvenation, pigmentation and vascular. Turn back the clock with intense pulsed light skin rejuvenation.

Collagen Induction Therapy Have you wondered why Hollywood celebrities don’t seem to age a day? Here’s your answer. Regular Collagen Induction treatments slow down aging, heal scar tissue and reduces pores.

Skin Resurfacing gives your skin a second life. Skin resurfacing treatments are just for YOU. Resurfacing is great for rejuvenation, acne, and ageing.

Hands and feet Is it time you gave your nails a treat? There is wide range of nail treatments so you can find the treatment that suit you best, from manicures and pedicures to gel colour and acrylics.

Massage Steal away a few minutes of your time to give those achy, stressed muscles a break. A treatment guaranteed to touch your mind, body, and soul using a specific combination of world-renowned massage techniques.
241 Clyde Road, Fendalton, Christchurch
03 351 5414 / 021 755 718
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