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LaBella Nails & Lashes


Innovative founder of La Bella Nails and Lashes, Bella Tran, has strong guiding principles. Her new, popular Papanui salon has an all-natural aesthetic and feels profoundly peaceful.

Thoroughly researched to cause no harm to the planet, Bella says her salon employs medical-grade hygiene practices. Plus, products used in every treatment are organically produced and vegan. Absolutely nothing here has been animal-tested. More than a basic nail salon, and very reasonably priced, La Bella offers clients a raft of treatment options, including five different types of manicure or pedicure. The same principle applies to lashes. Clients are encouraged to try a choice in gorgeous natural-looking silk extensions rather than more standard plastic or synthetic lashes offered elsewhere.

For nails, a raft of client expectations are catered to, with manis and pedis ranging from the budget to more luxurious massaging spa-style treatments. Pool-side timber beds are topped by sleep-inducing squabs, where clients recline while being treated from potions in delicious-looking copper bowls. Bella says she believes that wellness should not be compromised for beauty.

A ‘Signature Nail System’ (SNS dipping powder) very popular in both America and Australia is authorised to be offered at La Bella. Its point of difference is that it combines gel and acrylic technologies, which provide strength without causing a lengthy or difficult removal process later. What’s not to love?
12A Main North Road, Papanui, Christchurch
03 352 9789
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