Uncommonly Good

Uncommon Cafe

Melbourne-cafe-cool has come to Christchurch with the opening of new beautiful-food purveyors Uncommon in Tuam Street.

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Hidden Gem

Little Poms, big reputation

If you're serious about an excellent cafe experience, you simply need to discover Little Poms.

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Beans By Bike

Carbon-Friendly Caffeine

Inner city deliveries of freshly-roasted Underground Coffee just got a whole lot cooler and more carbon friendly.

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Café Society

Espresso Yourself

Cityscape runs a ruler over the city's ever-burgeoning café scene; your complete guide to the best cuppas, eats, and atmosphere around the city for this autumn.

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Window Shopping

Shop Eight

An intimate, unique and special eating and drinking experience is waiting for you at New Regent Street eatery and wine bar Shop Eight.

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Recipe: The Boo Radley

Boo? More like yay

Boo Radley’s Food & Liquor and Little Neighbourhood Garden Bar & Eatery’s cocktail legend James Quinn puts a wicked spin on the stock-standard bourbon and dry.

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Food & Drink

Welcome to Redfire BBQ Brazilian Steakhouse! They serve more than fifteen different cuts of beef, lamb, chicken, and pork – all cooked on skewers and ...

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Tomi Japanese Restaurant

Japanese Cuisine

Tomi offers a delicious selection of specialty Japanese dishes.

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Indian Pearl


Specialists in Northern Indian cuisine, Indian Pearl is a family-run business famous for their authentic curry, tandoori dishes and naan bread, made u...

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Chong’s is the only restaurant in the central city offering a traditional Chinese dining experience.

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Hazelnut butters, condiments, cereals and snacks with an emphasis on the delicious and nutritious!

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Red Elephant

Thai Cuisine

Red Elephant offers a warm welcome and authentic Thai cuisine from Sukhothai province.

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Duo Dining Room & Bar

Modern Asian Cuisine

Modern Asian cuisine with a difference.

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Pegasus Bay Winery

Winery/International Cuisine

Named NZ’s best winery restaurant for 5 years running, Pegasus Bay offers an unforgettable experience.

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Little Poms


Little Pom’s café is the latest offering from the Pomeroy’s family. Located on the edge of the city, Little Pom’s has strong focus on fresh and season...

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Underground Coffee's flagship café is your first stop for great coffee and tasty food.

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Stellar Restaurant & Bar

International Cuisine/Swishy Bar

The food, the service, the view: Stellar.

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Scoff & Quaff offer Christchurch’s premier craft beer and food tours.

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If you’re looking for a restaurant in Christchurch that provides mouthwatering food at an affordable price, look no further than Kum Pun Thai.

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Mexican Cuisine

A Mexican bar and kitchen from the creator of King of Snake.

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The Beam Gallery


Home to the world’s largest and most lavishly-displayed collection of Jim Beam decanters and memorabilia, The Beam Gallery on Victoria Street is a sop...

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An exceptional culinary experience.

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Lone Wolf


A unique concept store for Christchurch.

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Lux Espresso


Lux Espresso executes simplicity in its design and offering, from beautifully prepared Allpress Espresso, to smart, simple and healthy flavours. Posit...

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MADE is an exciting eatery that focuses on clean eating salads, tasty sandwiches, sweet treats and great coffee. They like to sustain your energy by u...

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Garden Hotel Restaurant

International Cuisine

Buffet at its best! The Garden Hotel Restaurant offers an extensive selection of dishes ranging from local favourites through to International and Asi...

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