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Slider Bar

A new slider bar, Slideys has opened at The Colombo. Creating fresh, bite-sized sliders to fit into your active day, they have a refreshing take on our much beloved but often more indulgent burger. Their mission is to make a positive change in the way Kiwis perceive burgers.

Slideys forms their flavourful sliders by using local suppliers and family recipes. Founder William Cooper-Higgins and Head Chef and long-time friend Matt Dickie came up with the idea of “Slideys” with inspiration from their travels in Europe. Will and Matt took note of flavours, combinations and ways to serve their sliders. The ultimate result was the creation of 6 perfect sliders – including their signature slider, the 12 hour pulled-pork ‘Son Of A Piglet’ – and many more indulgent combinations.

As the only designated speciality slider bar in the region, Slideys is the perfect place to treat to your taste buds.

Come “get slidey”!
The Colombo, 363 Colombo Street
03 377 1368
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