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Chinese Cuisine/Karaoke/Bar

Established in 2000, Ancestral is an authentic and tasty Chinese café and restaurant, but it also features some of the city’s best private karaoke rooms.

Specialising in traditional Sichuan and Malaysian Chinese food and bubble teas, they offer an excellent dining experience, but that’s just the start of your big night at Ancestral – each of their purpose-built, private karaoke rooms is individually decorated and features comfortable group seating and a state-of-the-art audio-visual system. Every performance will have you sounding like a pro, and the relaxed, intimate group atmosphere will kickstart your night into high gear!

At Ancestral, they take pride in all aspects of their business; their food, their service, their standards and, above all else, looking after their guests. It’s their mission and pleasure to bring people together to share food and drinks, good times and a great night out.

With a wide range of dishes available on their menu, they’ve got options to satisfy all tastes, from wok-smoked chicken and aubergine salad to the temptations of Tang’s Emperor Pork; thinly sliced pork sizzled in the wok with their exclusive mouthwatering sweet and rich sauce, prepared according to a secret Hong Kong family recipe. And to top it all off, the prices offer terrific value for money.

Ancestral is a place to return to often, enjoy great food and a laugh and a song with friends and loved ones – join them for the unique Ancestral sensory experience and have a night out like no other.
35E Riccarton Road, Riccarton
03 348 8876
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