Burgers & Beers


“Grown up burgers for grown ups” – that’s what they do! Burgers & Beers burgers are big in size and equally big on flavour. Combinations direct from 5-star kitchens were always going to be on the menu, because that’s their background. But in a happy twist of fate, they've taken all the gourmet goodness of that carefully-selected produce – laden and dripping with mouth-watering deliciousness – and carefully nestled it between a very fresh, soft bun ... then wedged that bugger into a paper bag for you to rip open and shamelessly devour!

Burgers & Beers welcome vegetarians and those who find gluten intolerable.

Their famous Chips & Gravy are also quickly becoming renowned throughout the land for all the right reasons.

The "Beers" part of Burger & Beers doesn't need an explanation – all beer requires is to be served icy cold. Check.

Sydenham: 355 Colombo Street
Papanui: 478 Cranford Street

As they like to say at B&B, “We don’t brag about having the best burgers in town – you do!”
355 Colombo Street, 478 Cranford Street
Sydenham: 366 3339 Papanui: 354 3336
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