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Chic Restaurant


Specialising in cuisine from the culinary melting pot of Iran, Chic Restaurant showcases the traditional fare of ancient Persia, where delicious meals such as succulent lamb stew, flavoursome kebabs, marinated chicken, and tempting dips and breads have been developed over millennia by merging Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences. Chic’s “100% goal” is for everyone to walk out happy, and positive feedback on their delicious Persian food shows they’re succeeding! Traditional Persian dishes are often gluten free or vegetarian, catering for different diners, and the chefs source authentic ingredients to create delicious, memorable cuisine. Enjoy a wide range of beers, wines and cocktails from the two bars, and stay on to party at one of the city’s favourite nightspots. They can also cater for large groups and private functions.

It’s the place to be!
64 Manchester Street
03 379 4447
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