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White Heart Specialty Nut Butters

Gourmet Food

The Joseph family started growing hazelnuts on their property in Tai Tapu, Christchurch in 2008. With a love of good food, quality ingredients and the feeling of health and wellbeing these things bring they decided to create their own range of hazelnut butters, condiments, cereals and snacks. Their emphasis is on providing delicious, nutritious products – often vegan, dairy and gluten free with minimal refined sugar, salt and free of preservatives.

The delectable specialty nut butters are blended with things like fair-trade cocoa, Tongan vanilla, extra virgin coconut oil and New Zealand honey. Customers love to take their ‘Boulders for the Brave’ tramping, or scatter their yoghurt with their Hazelnut Honey Sprinkle. Smoky Chipotle Handfuls make the perfect pre-dinner nibble and their Vegan truffles sell out every Saturday at the market. White Heart Specialty Nut Butters is passionate about bringing you local, honest and tasty food.

Ann runs the operation from her Barn on the farm in Christchurch with the help of family around the country to assist with marketing and social media. You’ll find Ann behind her stall at the Christchurch Farmers Market at Riccarton House every Saturday morning – rain, snow and shine! This gorgeous range of products is available to order online at and at selected retail stores in Christchurch and Auckland.

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