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Recipe: Bocca Di Bacco

In celebration of the god of wine, Vesuvio Jazz & Tapas Bar’s master mixologist Rachel Powderly shares her next-level recipe for her famous Bocca di Bacco – a primo, bourbon-fuelled take on the classic sour that will have you seeing stars.

50ml Maker’s 46
30ml lemon juice
25ml Tamarillo Tea and Pinot Noir syrup
5ml simple syrup
1 fresh free range egg white
1 cinnamon stick
1 star anise METHOD
Smoke a brandy balloon with cinnamon (light cinnamon stick until it is smouldering, then place on a plate and cover with a brandy balloon). Put all ingredients (excluding star anise) into a Boston Shaker and reverse dry shake (shake with ice to chill the ingredients and shaker, strain and remove ice, then return to shaker and shake dry to create foam). Double strain into the pre-smoked brandy balloon and garnish with the star anise.

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